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Something on Sexuality

One of the last things in the journey and explorations of my life that I felt true curiosity and deep interest in - was topic of Sexuality and/or Sexual Liberation.

Since childhood I found my self quite curious and explorative in my sexuality. Playing with my self and exploring ourselves with my friends and girlfriends even at the early age at kindergarden and first years at school. It's just no one taught me how to satisfy my curiosity and do it safely, playfully, without being shamed, fear or guilt. So, it went as it went. A few porno movies, some anecdotal stories of my friends or grownups, and full-on programing by Hollywood movies and other media - thats prety much all education I got on the topic of sexuality or intimacy, since in my youth.

Finnaly, by some crazy coinsidence, at age 11 I got together with my first girlfriend. She started to be with me and gifted me her virginity, as I gave mine to her. She was 13 and I was 12. It was new year's eve, and yes - we were drunk. To be honest, as significant as it should be, yet it wasn't the greatest experience of my life. But I did not knew any better, else or different. I wish I did.

After 3-4 years being together as the best teachers for each other in many ways - after many pleasant, diffucult, heavy or even intense experiences we went on our seperate ways. Now, she is happy woth someone else, with at least on beautiful girl. Another reltionship that was much lighter, less intense and more pleasurable took place for the next 2-3 years. And after that - another, more deep and intimate relationships took place for another few years. One thing in common all of these relationships had - it was guilt, shame, fear, instinctive, unconscious, even physical/emotional pain took place during moments of pleasure. Before discovering topic of Sacred Sexuality and people like Psalm Isadora, Lilou Mace, Montak Chia, Sacha Cobra - at the same time I was on another breaktrough knowledge and period of learning in my life that is related to the true Temple that we inhabit and commonly call it our Body.

It's the most important and practical knowledge and wisdom I found so far, about: Mind - Heart connection; Mind - Gut connection; Gut - Immunity connection. I learned and sensed quickly, that this knowledge, when and if applied correctly - it is bringing wealth, health and sense of happiness and abundance in one's life... No matter what. I see the things mentioned above and the topic of Conscious Sexuality together - as 'the ultimate life-pack' for every one. I see now our Body as our Sacred Temple... Clean and Healthy Body as our Well Maintained Vehicle... It makes Food out of Everything... And it's my privildge and choice if I am Making Love with my Food... or even Making Love as the Way Of Life. Key in all of this is - going there and doing it slowly... no matter what it is. Or go there as fast, as it allows to keep, grow and maintain the sense pleasure and long-term satisfaction. Because unconscious rushing in any action and activity takes away that pleasure. Other than being playful and curious topic to explore, the most fascinating thing about Conscious/Sacred Sexuality was the healing/liberating factor on a personal, physical and spiritual levels. So called Kundalini - The Lifeforce Energy or Energy of Creation can be awaken, activated and it plays a huge role in Sexuality, Liberation and Healing, as in other key areas of our life related to growth, creative and self-expressive processes.

As I said, I was exploring the causes and reasons of Natural Healing, good Immunity and a state of Health(Homeostasis), good Mood, good Mental State and similar things. Even if it was abvious that it all connects and relates in between, it never came a thought to me that the sense of True Happiness comes as the culmination and a result of every and any kind of input into my body.

Result of inputs, like - Water, Nutrients, Energy/Vitality, even Social Connections and Relationships that we are in - and other sensory inputs - like Sounds, Colours, Smells, Taste and Toutch and even more cognitive "food" input like Social Media and Information.

These are the inputs that shapes and builds us as we are now. It can destroy us or it can (re)build us.

All is connected and linked. Changing something means changing everything. And only we choose to what direction.

To put just some certain things or elements into our bodies only - it's not enough. As it also matters what kind of quality, purity, vitality, cleanliness these things and elements has. And thing that connects every aspect of healthy personality and any healing modality - it's Mind.

Freedom in Sexuality = Freedom in the Mind...

...and vice versa...

Freedom in Mind = Freedom in Sexuality. If You want to learn something about it from true experts, teachers and practitioners and start your own journey towards more lighter, free, liberated, fulfiling and meaningful way of life - I invite You to explore amazing beings mentioned above. Just click on their names and the link will bring You to their youtube channels. Blessings and In Lak'ech - Neimis

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