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Let food be thy medicine

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Food can be poison... Poison can be medicine...

"Show me what You eat and I will tell You what makes You sick"... - I heard it somewhere and it stayed with me.

This simple statement almost explains it all. But You want to know more, right? I wish back at school they would get me to learn stuff that I will share now. I have to learn it by my self later in life, so I am keeping it as simple as I can. And I am more than happy to share it once again, here. I'm not pretending to endup in a scientific magazine, as I will try to share just the essence of it. Share a thing that should be a common sense in any succesful and flourishing society. But even common sense in these days is not common. So, I remind my self from time to time - let's not expect too much from others and rather let's take more and better care about our selves. I have heard that things shared below, is not being taught much even in the proffesional schools that are directly related with preparing practitioners who suppose to help people when they are sick or ill. But hey, I am jus a curious simple dude. Maybe everything I share is wrong. What do I know...

For a moment, let's entertain the possibility and assume that there are no contagious diseases as such, whatsoever. But what if, all that is there - it is just plenty of behavioural patterns and habits that we have adopted or inherited from various places and environments during childhood. Places like family cluster, society, educational system, our communities, public and social media, ect.. What if, that is the only reason and cause of most of our illnesses and diseases? We all know the saying... "Monkey sees - monkey does"... What else if not monkeys are we? Monkeys that are a bit more complex and makes things way more complicated. Otherwise there is no difference between us and them. Almost... So, since childhood while and when we grow, we witness and see all sorts of different behavioural patterns around us. Our parents act differently than our grandparents. Our grandparents act differently that the rest of the society. And we act differently, yet somewhere in between all of them. As a sum of everyone we met and encounter. We adapt to and reflect the envronment we are in. That is in our genes. Thinking and reacting patterns or eating habits - is no exeption. But what does society and my environment has to do with my health?

If we now clearly see and know that eating can make us sick... - Can eating make us healthy? or... Can non-eating make us even healthie? - That's even a better question.

Just let's also keep in mind, that not everything we eat is a real food. And real food does not necessarily has to be plants or animals parts that we put into our bodies. Everything is and holds Energy and Information...

Real Food IMO is as fresh and raw as it can be, only made by Nature. Thats why real food that is only healing can only be raw, fresh, pure and clean. If not, we get sick.

And "being sick" is just a fancy way to say "cleansing".

Being "sick" is same thing and a fancy way to say "detox".

Detoxing is a fancy way to say "removing toxins".

And finally, toxin is a fancy way to say "poison".

- So, in essence "being sick" is a fancy way to say "removing poison".

Can "food" be something else than things that we put into our bodies? And if so... - Can it affect our state of health, like mental, emotional or physical health, too?

Appearently it is and does. To keep it simply - as everything is Energy and Information, every possible intake of anything trough all and every of our senses it makes a difference. It can make us ill same as it can heal us. Mind, believes, imagination is the key here.

Stress and Relaxation... Simple

Stress makes us ill. Relaxation allows healing.

Everything that causes us to be stressed - makes us ill. Everything that helps to relax - allows healing. As with any other activity, same with food. If elements in the food is being absorbed and waste products elininated easily, this means having low energy expence and valuable energy intake/exchange.

Gaining more energy from the proccess, than it was needed to make the process to happen - this means cleanse. This means healing. And not some forceful cleanse, but natural cleanse when the only one who does it is Body it self. Body was made to be clean and free. And it will always tries to get back to its normal state. Some people this state is calling Homeostasis.

Homeostasis - tai visų organizmo sistemų darnos būsena.

To be continued...

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