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Join Worldwide Conscious Tribe - Secret Energy

For some years now, I am following and learning one-of-a-kind conscious tribe and its leader Sevan Bomar - creator of Secret Energy social EcoSystem and gatherer of a worldwide conscious tribe at It's one of my favourite and most valuable source of esoteric wisdom and true wealth of knowledge that passionately explains and gives keys to this reality. More about Sevan... James Evans Bomar III also known as Sevan is the author of the acclaimed book The Code to the Matrix. He is also the developer and operator of the popular websites The Resistance and Astral Quest. Since these achievements he has written several articles that have been published across the world on many sites related to esoteric knowledge, ascension, activation, etymology, and conspiracy. Bomar has spent his whole life engaged in the deepest levels of religious and gnostic study accompanied with experience. This includes Islam, Christianity, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Ufology, Self Mastery, Internal Cleansing, Chakra Activation, Mind Control, Frequency and Vortex Imprinting. James states that he has climbed up these systems as one climbs a ladder to the top for total realization. James is currently living in Costa Rica developing his long awaited community and activation center. He finds a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation in having the opportunity to introduce the world to such precise knowledge that he heralds as the keys and codes to life.


Below, You can take a glimpse of Conscious EcoCommunity website, where You can find Store, Innerversity, Ennealogy Calendar and much more.

NOTICE: Joining the Tribe and dipping your attention into this consciousness expanding/shifting EcoSystem can be and for many still is the most important life-changing experience. If it's for You, it will be one of the most important choice, that You have made in your whole life. Be part of the Tribe that is not only talking, but in this very moment pioneering the future for the benefit of all humanity. Interesting times ahead, it's your chance to join and become a part of something really great. As many things that is happening or going on inside, everything that was created and made, happened only by the common effort and support of Tribe members. There is no "big corporations" or "big money" behind anything that is going on. Everything is real and true - giving the only the best, most effective, latest.


If your life is amazing and You don't feel like joining neither Sovereignty Mentorship nor Advanced Cryptocurrency Masterclass or Innerversity Courses, than feel free to explore SecretEnergy products store that holds carefuly selected, trusted and refined by the Tribe members products - that will help to raise your frequency to the maximum and assist with your ascention proccess.

In Lak'ech & Namaste - Neimis

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