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Why do I walk bare feet...

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

This "fetish" started, at least 5-6 years ago. This was by accident - I had an amazingly charming, fun and wise friend, who did not used his shoes much of the time. He might seemed to be weird in many ways to many people, but everyone who knows him it was nothing weird about him. I knew him for some time then. We were Dj friends, learned and taught each other many things about it. And here I came back from Denmark to my birthland - Lithuania. I have spent around 6 months there. 6 months that turned my life around and upside down up until this day. Since then my life never was or will be the same. Why? - Because... I have spent much of the time to learn some key things about this World and this Realm, whatever we want to call it - Earth, Planet, Plane, Terra, Gaia, Matrix... does not matter. And I came back, what I believed, to live my life as it was before. I did not know at the time, that somethings will never be the same or some other things is coming to my life faster than I could expect. So, I am back to Lithuania. Meeting my friends... or what has left out of them. It's jst that all the time for more than a month my bare feet friend is with me. And because it was really hot summer then, I started to tak of my shoes more and more in more and more places. Until, I never put them back again. At least for some time, before it got too cold to come outside. Spring time came, reminding me about bare feet possibility and memories of last summer. And soon I found my self taking my shoes off again, just for that day... and for the rest of the summer. And next summer.. and some part of the winter... and next summer... and most of the