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Why do I walk bare feet...

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This "fetish" started, at least 5-6 years ago. This was by accident - I had an amazingly charming, fun and wise friend, who did not used his shoes much of the time. He might seemed to be weird in many ways to many people, but everyone who knows him it was nothing weird about him. I knew him for some time then. We were Dj friends, learned and taught each other many things about it. And here I came back from Denmark to my birthland - Lithuania. I have spent around 6 months there. 6 months that turned my life around and upside down up until this day. Since then my life never was or will be the same. Why? - Because... I have spent much of the time to learn some key things about this World and this Realm, whatever we want to call it - Earth, Planet, Plane, Terra, Gaia, Matrix... does not matter. And I came back, what I believed, to live my life as it was before. I did not know at the time, that somethings will never be the same or some other things is coming to my life faster than I could expect. So, I am back to Lithuania. Meeting my friends... or what has left out of them. It's just that all the time for more than a month my bare feet friend is with me. And because it was really hot summer then, I started to take of my shoes more and more, in more and more places. Until... I never put them back again. At least for some time, before it got too cold to come outside bare feet. Spring time came, reminding me about bare feet possibility and memories of last summer. And soon I found my self taking my shoes off again, just for that day... and for the rest of the summer. And next summer.. and some part of the winter... and next summer... and most of the time in next winter. I just got quit "addicted" to it and up until this day I cannot do anything to change it. Neither I can feel good in any shoes any more for longer than a couple of hours. This happens very rarely now. Thou, my GrandMother keeps on reminding me that - I have already walked out my karma and if I want to evolve further in my life and when I am not in Nature, I must wear at least a thin layer of foot wear. But other than my personal sense of wellness because of my bare-feet addiction, what else I have learned about this habit from a scientific experence - is the following. Just because of another addiction of mine - that is sourcing and ingesting various types of information in huge quantities and amounts, I have stumbled upon many interesting pieces of knowledge about health and healing of a body. Mostly it was related to things that we put into our bodies, as food. Mind-Gut Connection. Also Heart-Mind Connection. And some of that knowledge was in a documentary, that was called "Grounded". It is about Physics, Electricity, Biology and Healing that comes out of it. "#Grounding is a healing technique that includes performing activities that "ground you" or electrically reconnect you to the ground. This practice draws on the science of grounding and the physics of grounding to explain how electrical charges from the ground can have positive effects on your body."

That was all I needed to learn then and all that I need to know now for me to step into and live in the reality of "Electric Universe"(2) (3) , while recognising us as "Beings Of Resonance". Below, is another beautiful documentary movie about Earthing/Grounding.

Long story short - everything as an 'illness' or 'disease' does not come 'from nowhere' or by 'an accident'. There is always some kind of pre-condition to everything that we experience as such.

Mostly, from what I have learned, the reason for every pre-condition and cause of a disease/illness is the most simple. It's disconnection from the Nature. - Natural Air, Natural Water, Natural Food... Natural Grounding. Electricity matters, as it is the building block of this reality. It's in the brain, it's in our nerves and muscless, it's in our senses. Everywhere and Everything is made of, influenced by and conducted by Electricity. - What if... We would name Electricity as "God" or "Love"... Would it be more dificult or more easy to live in or "decode" this reality? Would we still chose to become ill or be sick knowing, that some food or some of our habits - it takes away or gives us Electricity that We need for our Healing. Electricity that We are Made Of. If You watched the links and read trough this text, then there is not much more I wanted or want to communicate about phenomena of Grounding/Earthing.

I walk bare feet in Natue...

  • Once or more a day

  • Once or more a week

  • Once or more a month

  • Once or more a year

If You are looking for a place in Nature to ground and re-connect to One's True Nature, You can book a room at our Events & Retreat Center - SÒL and re-unite with the most powerfull healing forces of the Nature that surounds us - that is Water, Air, Earth & Fire. In lak'ech, Brothers and Sisters, - Neimis

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