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A little about me... and my Journey...

Updated: May 9, 2022

Greetings, to everyone who is reading this - I love You. My name is Neimantas, but You can call me - Neimis. In this post I want to share some things about me and my life-journey. English is not my native language, so I apologise of my linguistic mistakes.

Let's go... I was born and grown up in a beautiful land - full of forests, meadows and lakes - Lithuania. After my parents divorced for some time I stayed and lived with my Mother. We moved a couple of times to different places, until I decided to came back to live with my Father, at my birth town.

I have two grandmothers and a grandfather living there, also a few aunts, some cousins and many good friends - so it was amazing to grow and mature there trough my teenage years.

School was not my favourite place to go for a succes, but we were running a small family business. We were organising dance events at various places in town and around the area. You know, these events - so called 'diskoteques'. Nothing too fancy, but it was the reason of me having proffesional sound and lightning system at my home and use it to my best needs and desires. Complimenting that some private parties took place either at my place or some rented summer-house, where usualy me alone or with my best friends were DJ'ing for many hours straight and event for a few days taking just a little brake.

Getting some extra money from events and having grandparents just a few minutes away form home guaranteed me fuel in my car, a place to have my daily home-made meals and other needs that young man could have at his age. Friends, parties, Nature, DJ, freedom to move and travel at any time... That was interesting and quite colourful chapter of my life. Even if there was no great realisations of life and my true purpose in it. Just gathered some experiences and some perspectives of my surroundings.

Fast foreward...

In my late 20's and early-mid 30's I managed to leave my birth country to experience and explore other countries like Italy, then Denmark. Around half year, at each place. "Price" of these travels that I had to "pay" was my postponed and quite abandoned career as a DJ and losing some friends, that vere related to that career. Alcohol and cigaretes, as not smart food / health choices was also still in my life.

Yet, I didn not knew and had no clue at the time what a shift in my life and perspective had already started.

Around that time, my Mother was already (and still is) living in Germany. She is happily married to a wonderful man. Has handsome dog and a beautiful home that receives so much of their love and care. I visited them many times and explored a bit that German land, too.

Many of my friends moved and were living in UK, so I went there for a few times. Also I sensed the vibes of Sweden - Stockholm, Malmo, Goteborg areas, as my aunt with her family and some of my friends are there also. A bit later, back at the birthland... As the result of beautiful synchronisities me with my Father we have acquired an interesting and unusual place. It's a building, quite close to my grandparents land on the one side and my father's land on the other side. Just a few km away from each other, me being in between.

It's quite a huge building that at some point was used to be a center of cultural and entertainment events for surounding vilages and further areas. It has a few apartment-like spaces and a huge hall with a stage. A few huge trees outside, casting a shadow in a hot sunny day. Some of the smaller trees are still giving delicious, juicy and red apples.

Part of my dream and project that I will mention later in text was and still is related to this place. Another part is related to my grandparents fields and a project that came to me as something meaningful to be made and created in my life. It can be called "Educational Recreational Hemp Camp" or something like that.

In May of 2015, with the pursuit of accelerating my dream project, I finally came to Iceland. This was the place and a land that took me in with great care, held and still is keeping me embraced in its magic, mistery or wonders that are already witnessed and those that are yet unexplored.

I came here for a reason. A project that I was dreaming about is related to a is Hemp plant - the industrial version / strain of Cannabis plant. I thought Iceland will be just one more foreign place, where I will spend some time having no feelings or developing any greater attachments to it. I believed I will gain extra time and earn money for my dream project and then come back to implement it back in my birth-land. What happened while staying here was the least expected.

To say in a few words - I fell in love in this country. And I still am, even if exploring the land was not and still is not my greatest pursuit while being here. So, I guess it is something more and a bit deeper here that attracts me than the eyes can see.

I love just how compact and cute the Capital city is. That is where I have spent the most of my time here. Apart from that... plenty of fresh air... delicious and healing water... conscious, open-minded and open-hearted, creative, active and warm beings living here.

And of course, to my surprise - Cannabis... The plant and a reason I came to Iceland for... lots of it, everywhere. A lot of happening around it and with it. Just no trace of Hemp culture, as it was still illegal to grow. You could only get imported Hemp Seeds at the shop. Now (in 2022) it's legal to grow for the 3rd year now and you can even get Hemp (Flowers) Tea, that was grown locally. I see as and I personally title the Cannabis plant (Hemp included) as a 'Queen of the Plants'. I will not get into more 50.000 reasons why... But those that can give at least 20-30 minutes of time to research it, will know that it is the source of Food, Medicine, Building Material, Body Care Product, Textiles, Plastics, ect.. Long story short - it's the most useful and versatile plant on the PlanET (based on my belief). Not to have any business or relation with it, while using nature poluting and toxic alternatives, IMO it's really not smart, at all (to say the least). And this was one of the main arguments why it is the main axis of my dream. The dream now has developed more parts in it, like education about many other things like food choices, mind-gut relation, gut-immunity relation, parasite cleanse and body detox - to name just a few.

With a great passion, for a couple of years I have spent my summers back in Lithuania, but autum/winter time back in Iceland, trying to implement and fulfil my dream. I wil be honest, in my life I am an experimentator. So, these years with growing Hemp at my grandparents farmland, it was not too much of a success. But in a meanwhile I have gained some personal experience and deeper lessons on how to make it into a success the next time.

I also believe that everything has its own time and place and I am quite patient. So, I am not rushing things or stress my self for the things that I could/should or never had done. Life is too beautiful for that.

Skipping a bit more forward... While I was folowing my intuition and traveling back and forth between Iceland and Lithuania, I ended up in a place in Iceland that only later I have realised - I was dreaming to create and build my self back in Lithuania. It's just that this place was already up and running. Various creative and a bit spiritual events happening, volunteers and tourists from all over the world coming and going. Creation field fully activated and engaged. Mine, back home, it was just a skeleton in comparison. This new place is being runned by a beautiful and kind human being, named Linda. Now she has many names, like Yra and Huna Ka Ha To Ri. As many things in life becomes something more or else than we thought, same was here... I came here to stay, help around and be in assistance. But that was not the only thing that was ment to be. Apart from helping around with the keeping tourism going, I was able to do some other specific tasks at home. I am an eastern europen, so I know how to make/build/fix/create stuff.

Before this present time, many things have shifted and moved around. During that, cov-id came and for some time we have even become and played a community with other ten to twelve people. It was interesting and fun. After that period we stayed just a few of us that is still here, with some other people coming and going. Some of them are new and unmet, some of them are those known from before. In this period and time of uncertainty, I have postponed some of my ideas and dreams that I held in or was driven before. I am living my dream now. I am surounded by open-minded, kind-hearted and sharp/conscious beings that I learn the unmeasurable and invaluable things almost every day step by step, as ever-new and personal or mutual different chalenges comes to be. Most of the bigger chalenges came with the more intimate person-to-person relationship dynamics, as unresolved personal issues got trigered in one life situation or another. Some people call it "personal work", some call it "shadow-work". In any case, I see this as the most meaningful and interesting oportunity to grow in life, so far.

Also, I got a chance to experience and explore deeper the thing I knew enough about to get really curious, but haven't got the right partner or teachers to go there. Thing that I recognised and saw a great personal value for everyone, trough wich I got to know my Self even better. It's a still a tabu topic for many people. I am talking about Sexuality, Sexual Connection, Sacred Sexuality. Some people also relate this to Tantra of Tantric Path. I heard too many descriptions and I know too little to claim anything close to that. For me it's just simple - knowing my Self better trough Sexuality and Sexual experience in a more conscious way, than I wish did in my life much earlier.

And because I am living my dream, I could't get anything better for that - a curious and adventurous sexual partner and somenone who is way more advanced in sexuality and something I would call 'sexual practice for personal liberation'. That is Linda and Kadesh - two other members of community place called Solsetrid.

In last two or more years I got to experience most of the things I was either seeking, dreaming or wanting to create my self.

I experienced what does it mean to run a successful tourist business. Also, I saw what does it mean and how to organise spiritual/shamanic events and run successful events hall.

On top of that, I got to experience what does it mean to become community with complete strangers that all have came into union for quite a variety of personal dreams, needs or other different reasons.

I managed to gather my self back in trust about my sexuality and sexual capacity, still knowing the unexplored limitless potential. More and many other small or bigger things in between.

I was and in some cases still am surrounded by beings skilled in different banches of BreathWork practices - Shamanic Breathwork, Soma Breathwork, Wim Hof Method, Holotropic Breathwork. Others skilled in a practice of Sexual Healing and Liberation. Also beings that comes just for a short time visits for their personal events, teachings and other causes - mostly, healers and teachers of various practices and different methods, sound, movement and visual artists - I will not name or mention them all, but some of them you can find and see in our "past events" section, as we post their events since the creation of this page. Some of them are just a travelers, leaving some kind of their mark behind. My journey trough this experience still goes on...

New chalenges and experiences are changing the old ones. What was plan(t)ed some time ago, is now sprouting and growing in to fulfilment of its best purpose. This attracts attention. Freedom and people that seems to be free attracts attention of those that still wants to be free. With greater attention comes greater responsibility to stay on point and become that example for the change I want so see in this world. I do it good and with every day I am doing it even better.

It seems that this way of life that I am chosing to expore and support with my Being, it is not the easiest one to take for anyone. But hey, if we feel we came here to make a difference - it's one hell of a ride with a great meaning and purpose... and some one has got to take it.

As for my Educatonal Hemp Project it seems to be more closer reality now is to just shift my whole energy towards Iceland, since Hemp growing is legal and Summers here is so beautiful. Who knows, maybe I might even refresh my DJ skills and spin some records at some gatherings, too. By the way - this is only a quick glimpse into and overwiev of my story and my version of reality. If You feel like sensing more into it, I might make a video about it. But You are welcome and more than free to contact me. I love curious communication and meaningful or beautiful exchange. Thank You, for taking time and read this. - In Lak'ech

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