HealThy'Self Being

1hour One-on-One consultation in person or remote way

  • 1 hour
  • 15,000 Icelandic krónur
  • Skrauthólar

Service Description

In session we will learn where are You in your life, in this period of time. I will consult You and while doing that I share and give the tools for You to get where You want, more clearly and pecisely. Notice: - I cannot help You to get in your life further than I am my self. - I cannot guide You there where I haven't been, either. Where I have been is: - Learning about my Body, Mind, Health - how it works and why it is how it is. - Learning how to impove the state of my Body, Mental State, Health & Wellbeing in geneal. - Learning about how different types of inputs into my Body - Food/Knowledge/Frequencies directly affects my Being. - Learning what makes my immunity, emotional and mental state to be at the best shape. - Learning how some plant medicines and other tools or techniques can be helpful in my journey. - Learning how to make Delicious/Healthy Meals. - Learning how to Touch and trully Relax the Body and the Mind. That is just some of the basics and essential points fom the broad perspective. There is always something more in between and along the way. Reach me and we will se what is necessary and possible.

Contact Details

  • SÓL - Glamping Site & Events Hall, Skrauthólar 4, Reykjavík, Iceland