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Tensor Ring

Tensor Ring

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The 144 MHz Cubit, also known as Royal or Sacred Cubit originally came from King's Chamber of Great Pyramid.

The Slim Spurling's Cubit is widely recognized for its function mainly on the physical.

The said Cubit creates standard Tensor Field Generator utilized for effective environmental clearing and amplifying intentions.
Resonates at 144 MHz and comes from the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

Undeniably, the most crucial reference for Royal/Sacred Cubit length is none other than the King's Chamber in Great Pyramid.

This is best preserved, accurately shaped and exactly measured of all known data.

The Cubit in Great Pyramid is about 523 mm or 20.62 inches.

According to Hans Becker, which is also astrophysicist, resonant frequency of Sacred or Royal Cubit is about 144,000 Hz which is viewed to be harmonic of the light's speed.

This is also considered by some to be a cosmic frequency antenna.

Slim Spurling's Cubit and Known for its work in the Physical.
The length of a full cubit is 20.63 inches ~ 52.4 cm.

This frequency works on all Physical aspects on Earth and has many uses listed below:
- It helps to materialize ideas, so can be used with Meditation, Manifestation, and Visualization & Cosmic Ordering.
- May Attract abundance.
- It has a vertical energy field. This depends on how the ring is positioned; it it's on the floor on the top of the head the energy released is vertical; no matter how is positioned the energy flows from the center of the ring in a straight line.
- Divine Feminine energy.
- Helps Grounding.
- Represents Elements Water and Earth.
- 1/8 cubit rings and infinite hearts are perfect for children and pets. Place on pet's collar or as a bracelet, key ring or pendant for child.
- Works the 4th Chakra and connecting beings to Mother Earth. Place directly on Chakra whilst meditating.
- Best to eliminate maleficent energy grids on ground - Hartmann & Curry Grids. Put 4 spheres (1/8 or 1/4 cubit) in the 4 corners of your bedroom - 2 of the 144mhz and 2 of the 177mhz - and 1 in 188mhz at the center of the room, floor or in the ceiling; this will cancel the geopathic stress lines (Hartmann and Curry Grid, ley lines, water lines, etc.); if you wish you can put inside the 4 corners spheres a piece of Black Tourmaline or Shungite Crystals and in the center sphere always a white crystals like Selenite;
- 1st frequency that everybody should wear.
- Can be worn by itself or together with the 177 MHz (Lost Cubit) and also with the 188 MHz (Empowerment Cubit Also Called New Cubit) on a pendant. I also make a 'Tensor Trio Pendant' with these lengths.

Potentized Tensor Ring Charged Water
   Tensor rings actually augment energy even to an ordinary glass of water through missing electron replacement although it tends to strip whenever water flows throughout the pipe.

The potentized water can emit light that is noticeable by people.

Question is how does this thing glow?
   Actually, the tensor ring amplifies the water's energy in order for the outer electrons to quantum jump. Hence, the electron that is displaced isn't a steady state which actually needs to go back to its original location. When electrons fall back, it emits photon so there is blue light seen.
The potentized water refers to detoxicant which is gradually taken in higher quantities.

   An individual must never drink excess amount of this because it can upset the stomach. However, there are no claims made but it was reported by a middle aged woman that taking three to four glasses a day has significantly reduced her gray color hair, returning to black color.


- Only 99.99% Pure Copper Wire Used I use 1.6mm Wire Towerbuster alternative You will get 24 x 1/4 sacred Cubit rings.

- Place them on the smart meter, under laptop, under router or over the top of any electrical device in your house.
- The small 1/4 rings can simply be placed on top or underneath any electrical device to help harmonize the negative energy. 

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