Sustainability and recycling have always played a central part in our role as creators of environments. There are many ways to awaken human regard and respect. Our way has been to display it through creativity, novel use of materials and solutions.

In this way our accommodation is a journey of awakening the senses, each unit being created within old up-cycled buses.

From re-used timber, disguarded objects, second-hand light fittings and the old bus seating we have constucted a unique envirnoment within which to spend a night or two in this landscape. The opportunity exists to connect to nature, within and without in a most intimate manner within what is now commonly referred to as Glamping. This Icelands Glamorous Camping experience.

The Bath House (showers and toilets) is a separate building inviting inviting the feeling of camping, as each journey in that moment of calling can be an adventure of its own.

We have a strong belief that guests find more fulfillment in being self-sufficient and so within each unit there is a small kitchen.

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"We loved the landscape, the peaceful environment and the decor of the rooms! Even though it was cold outside we were very warm and comfortable inside the busses. The showers and toilet were clean and comfortable!"


/ Martina, Italy


"A unique accommodation (2 buses - 5 rooms) made from recycled material in a beautiful setting close to Reykjavik. All very clean and practical. Our kids loved being around horses, cats and other domestic animals and they enjoyed a trampoline at the property as well. Very friendly hosts. Would definitely love to stay here again."


/ Jarmila, Switzerland


“Staff was very friendly. Sleeping in an old renovated bus is fun and cozy at the same time. Bus and bathrooms are very clean.”


/ Valerie, Germany