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Wed, Aug 03



Yawanawa Storytelling & Music


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Yawanawa Storytelling & Music
Yawanawa Storytelling & Music

Time & Location

Aug 03, 2022, 8:00 PM

Reykjavík, Laugavegur 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

About the event

Dear friends & family.

We  are delighted to announce that Tema João, Nani Kateyuve & Pekã  Rasu; three highly respected and experienced spiritual leaders from the  Yawanawa tribe from the Brazilian Amazon will be passing through  Reykjavik this summer.

It  is the first time Tema João & Pekã Rasu will be traveling outside  of Brazil, and only the second time that Pai Nani will be visiting in  Europe. Joined by Pekã Rasu’s daughter Paka Shahu and Christine  Linnea from Denmark and Filippo Bertuzzi from Italy, on this evening at  Mama´s - the elders are going to share stories from the roots of their  culture, traditional prayers and songs.

There will be traditional art and crafts for sale & also rapé medicine made by the elders.

********** * * * * * Price: 5500 ISK

Starting time: 20:00 - 8pm

please register with and if it is convenient pre-pay:

Linda M Stefansdottir Account: 0334-26-071768 170768-4859

* * * * * ******************************************************************************** * * * *

Furthermore the family will be on tour in Europe from the 1st of July to the 21st of August 2022. Please  see the detailed schedule below and contact individual venues by email  to receive detailed information about place, program & price. We look forward to sharing with you. With love, Drømmesalen

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Tema  João, Nani Kateyuve & Pekã Rasu are also available for individual  sessions crafted according to personal circumstances, needs and  intention.

Because  of the profound nature of these sessions, we advice the receiver to  diet (no sex, no sugar, no alcohol, no meat) for 3 days afterwards.

Approx. duration 1-1,5 hours. Financial Exchange 200 €.

Please contact: for further information.

* * * * * ********************************************************************************** * * * *


The  Yawanawa Tribe is an ancient culture composed of around 1250 members  who live in the upper Gregorio River in the state of Acre, Brazil who  have protected their traditional knowledge across many centuries. Today  they are proud to be able to share the seeds of their culture with  individuals from around the world.

On  their return to the Amazon forest, the elders intend to invest in the  construction of spiritual centers, medicine gardens & food forests  to preserve, maintain and continue the legacy of Pajé Yawarani to  support the survival of their families and culture and to offer space  for receiving those in need of healing and/or in search of spiritual  awakening. * * * * *

MEET THE FACILITATORS * * * * * - Elder Tema João (Brazil) -

After  his brother; the legendary pajé (shaman) Yawarani passed away, Tema  João, with his 89 years of age, is now the oldest living pajé of the  Yawanawa tribe.

He  has completed the “Muka diet”, the highest spiritual initiation of the  Yawanawa tradition, in which a seeker spends one year without drinking  pure water while also avoiding sugar, sweet fruits, red meat and sex.  During this study Tema João focused on the medical plants and herbs of  the Amazon forest, making him a true master in the field.

As  an elder he has a profound understanding of the traditional stories,  ancient songs, shamanic culture and language of his people. It is a  great blessing that he is now traveling out of Brazil to share his  knowledge with the European family.

Tema  João is responsible for planting and sustaining the medicinal garden in  the newly established spiritual center of Pekã Rasu. The garden is  created with the intention to preserve knowledge of the healing herbs  and medicine plants of the Amazon alongside the spiritual & healing  properties they hold.

* * * * * - Elder Nani Kateyuve (Brazil) - With  58 years of age, Nani Kateyuve (or Pai “father” Nani as he is often  called), was one of the first to be initiated into Yawanawa spirituality  by pajé Yawarani.

As  one of the oldest of his people and one of the most important teachers  of the tribe, he carries ancient knowledge passed along from generation  to generation; in particular he is a master of the Yawanawa language and  a respected pajé facilitating diets or “samakai” both for the Yawanawa  themselves and spiritual seekers around the world.

He  spends most of his time in Yawarani village, named to honor his father  in law “Yawarani”, from whom he received his central teachings. Today he  is working to keep the Yawanawa traditional knowledge alive and  maintain the Yawarani village as an ecologically sustainable community.

He  dedicates his everyday life to the forest, planting different species  of trees and medicinal plants. As a master of the Yawanawa language, he  is also initiating an itinerant school to pass his knowledge to the  youth of the Gregório Indigenous Land, where all Yawanawa villages are  located.

* * * * * - Elder Pekã Rasu (Brazil) -

As  the oldest son of “Yawarani”, with his 51 years of age, Pekã Rasu was  among the last three students who entered the highest spiritual  initiation of the Muká samakai under his fathers guidance. After his  father passed away, he decided to dedicate his life to the study and the  continuation of Yawanawa spiritual tradition.

His  main project is to build a spiritual centre inside the Amazon forest to  honour and continue the heritage of his father pajé Yawarani by  receiving people in need of healing as well as serve through spiritual  initiations and sacred diets.

* * * * * - Paka Shahu (Brazil) -

Paka  Shahu is the daughter of Pekã Rasu &Yawa Vari. Paka Shahu received  knowledge and teachings from her parents and is now accompanying her  father on this journey around Europe sharing beautiful singing voice and  her joyful approach to life. Also living in Mutum, Paka Shahu is an  experienced artist of the paintings of the Yawanawa Kenes, or “sacred  visions”, manifesting it in intricate body paintings and traditional  jewelry.

* * * * * - Christine Linnea “Kana Shahu” (Denmark) -

is  a choreographer, singer and medicine woman from Denmark who has  presented work at shamanic festivals, retreats and individual sessions  across the planet.

She  began her journey with master plants eleven years ago and has been in  close relation with the Yawanawa for ten. She has completed three of  their diets and hosted many of their leaders in sharing their ceremonies  and culture with the family around Europe.

In 2015 she created Drømmesalen (  on Møn island in Denmark as a framework for organizing ceremonies in  Europe and offering shamanic journeys to South and Central America. She  has been baptized into the tribe Kaxinawa, initiated into Katukina and  worked many years with the Huichol tribe in Mexico.

* * * * * - Filippo Bertuzzi (Italy) -

Filippo  moved from Italy to Brazil at the age of twenty and the following year  started his journey with medicines through the spiritual school of Santo  Daime.

Over  the years his interest in native cultures increased as well as his  desire to help and learn to live in communion with nature.

Filippo  today acts as a cultural advisor with the tribes Coomcac (México) and  Yawanawa & Kuntanawa (Brazil) and an advisor of communication at the  Toaj (Bolivian Indigenous Tribunal).

* * * * * TOUR SCHEDULE 2022 * * * * * 1-3 JULY PORTUGAL - LISBON Registration // * * * * * 8-10 JULY FRANCE - FRENCH PYRENESS Registration // 0033 - 755825123 * * * * * 15-17 JULY GERMANY - BERLIN Registration // * * * * * 22-24 JULY SWEDEN - ORUST Registration // * * * * * 29-31 JULY DENMARK - AARHUS Registration // * * * * * 5-7 AUGUST ICELAND - REYKJAVIK Registration // * * * * * 12-14 AUGUST HOLLAND - DRENTHE Registration // * * * * * 19-21 AUGUST NORWAY - STAVANGER Registration //

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