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Wed, Sep 06


SÒL - Events & Retreats Center

Wachuma Ceremony

The Wachuma is a columnar cactus from South America, a very sacred master plant and with a long tradition in Andean ancestral. Yaku Amaru & Nina Kuntur are life partners , guardians, carriers, and transmitters of this ancient legacy of love and wisdom.

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Wachuma Ceremony
Wachuma Ceremony

Time & Location

Sep 06, 2023, 6:00 PM – Sep 08, 2023, 1:00 PM

SÒL - Events & Retreats Center, Skrauthólar 4, 162 Reykjavík, Iceland

About the event


The sacred grandparents master (plants) are here willing to aid us in ´finding´what we are ´looking for´.

The Wachuma is a columnar cactus from South America, a very sacred master plant and with a long tradition in Andean ancestral medicine (7000 thousand years according to traces).

In this collective ceremony we will have the great opportunity to reactivate our cosmic memory and thus reconnect with our Great Family: plants, animals, stones, ancestors, spirits of nature, divinities of the universe... Reconnect with the depths of our being, a reconciliation with our energies, shadows and lights, activate and/or strengthen our personal power to reintegrate it into our being, into our life and thus become aware, regenerate, heal and fully enjoy ourselves and of the Life, in love with Love.

This ceremonial encounter with the grandfather Wachuma will take place mainly in a traditional (ancestral) Andean framework, facilitated and woven with the unique forms of Yaku and Kuntur, and also open to sudden spontaneity that may arise in the moment.


(Our music)

Artistic-cultural-educational concert of traditional Andean indigenous music and singing, including

sounds of pre-Columbian instruments. Yaku and Kuntur will show us the most authentic of their cultural expressions, covering many musical instruments, musical genres and instrumental formations from the Andean world, songs in Runasimi, Aymara (ancestral languages). In this way they will transport us to very ancient times and to the current native communities that with these musics continue developing celebrations of the ancestral Andean calendar. While they enchanting us with this rich cultural heritage, will explain the origins, history, genres, meanings and more of this music and instruments.


(ceremonial - medicinal sound)

Ritual sound offering, where we will use sound as a meditation and healing therapy, combining

various pre-Columbian and current native instruments to produce an environment of transcendent, precise and effective frequencies to raise our level of consciousness and achieve healthy well-being in our personal development. Guided through the power of sound, we will travel through the vast and beautiful Andean- Amazonian ancestral world and its sound-spiritual relationship with nature and the universe, in this way we will wake up and call the Apus (spirits of the mountains, rivers, lagoons, etc. ) asking for their presence and blessing, so then this journey will automatically lead us to explore, flow, thank and connect with the depths of our inner being and with everything around us.

This fabric and bath of sounds and healing songs will also allow us to perceive the high and deep level of knowledge of the power of sound that our ancestors had and from the depths of their hearts and from immemorial times they applied for the harmonization of our emotional - psychological – spiritual - physical body, and its integration with nature and the cosmos.



Andean ancestral ceremony of incorporation and integration of our being and space to the natural

energies, to the physical laws and cosmic forces that govern life. With the purifying love of the Yakumama (Mother Water), the sacred smoke of the Waman Sayri (Tobacco), the presence of the messenger of worlds Apuchin Kuntur (Spirit of the Condor), and the Willka taki or sacred songs, the Cleaning and Purification of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, while invoking the spirits and divinities to enter our space and offer us their blessing, dignity, omen of good fortune.... And thus accompany and always be accompanied by all our Great Family (Pachamama), in an interaction of true love, respect and freedom. In the process of this ritual, with the Kukamama (Mother Coca) personal reconciliation is achieved to be leveled to a harmonious space, in the ordered Coca leaves we place all our intentions for our Great Family: Ask permission, greet them, thank them, show them our respect, our love and ask them for their love, their protection, their wisdom to live together harmoniously.

Yaku Amaru & Nina Kuntur

They two are simply and plainly seekers of the path that leads to the stars... Yaku Amaru (Serpent of Water) and Nina Kuntur (Condor of Fire) are life partners, couple with sacred relationship, both Qheswa indigenous people from the Sacred Valley of the Inkas (Cusco – Peru). They are guardians, carriers, and transmitters of this ancient legacy of love and wisdom....ancestral seed that they two walk sowing it wherever they go, in order to create a bridge of interculturality, a powerful and beautiful fabric that leads to a better world, balanced and fair, full of respect, freedom and love.

Each of their activities and/or ceremonies that they offer are interwoven with different traditional- ancestral rituals... several rites in a single container.

By participating in these ceremonies, you will also financially support their family in Peru, and so that they can continue their mission of sharing medicine around the world, and for the socio-cultural work that they have been developing for more than 27 years in their land.

Gratitude, Blessings and Love! 

Contact: Kuntur +51 975 393 944


  • Wachuma Ceremony

    If for any reason you are challenged to pay the whole amount at this time we are very open to splitting the payment into two parts. Please do get in touch if this is the case.

    ISK 45,000
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