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Sat, Nov 12


Sól Setrið

Deep Insight Weekend Retreat | Hellinger Constellations & Bodywork

HELLINGER CONSTELLATION WORK We will work in a group using Bert Hellinger's method to uncover hidden dynamics in us and the systems we live in that keep us stuck in our loops. Challenges related to your health, relationship, career, money - all can be looked at from a completely new perspective.

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Deep Insight Weekend Retreat | Hellinger Constellations & Bodywork
Deep Insight Weekend Retreat | Hellinger Constellations & Bodywork

Time & Location

Nov 12, 2022, 10:00 AM GMT – Nov 13, 2022, 7:00 PM GMT

Sól Setrið , Skrautholar 4, 162 Reykjavík, Iceland

About the event

We are coming back once again to Iceland to accompany you taking a deep dive into your own self. This time we will offer a full weekend retreat, creating a space where you can take care of your body, mind, heart and soul equally.

This is an invitation to a profound body of work that can be a turning point for you in addressing these aspects of your life that need attention to

- expand your awareness of the hidden dynamics that can keep you from living your life fully

- experience emotional release and relief

- truly connect to yourself and others

- open for new beginnings, abundance and success - this time more consciously and on a path that is aligned with your    

   true purpose

- rejoin life with more presence, energy and joy

To facilitate this transformation, we will look into ourselves and our family systems from a space of unconditional presence, clarity and open heart in a dynamic group work - HELLINGER'S CONSTELLATIONS.

This will be followed by an individual session of DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE where your body will be treated to bring you healing and relief on a physical and emotional level.

You can then take your time to rest and harmonize your body and mind with proposed activities or on your own, if you decide you need solitude. The Constellation facilitator will be available for a PRIVATE CONSULTATION in that time to assist you in integrating this rich experience.

To really enable a full immersion into yourself for the whole weekend, Sólsetrið is offering a comfortable sleepover in their Glamping Accommodatin (see  under the mountain Esja




- 10:00 - 16:00 Hellinger Constellations (time might shift)

- 16:00 - 0:00 Deep Tissue Massage

- 16:00 - 0:00 Rest, ground and integrate (private consultations, silent sitting and more, details on demand)


- 10:00 - 16:00 Hellinger Constellations (time might shift)

- 16:00 - 0:00 Deep Tissue Massage

- 16:00 - 0:00 Rest, ground and integrate (private consultations and more, details on demand)


We will work in a group using Bert Hellinger's method to uncover hidden dynamics in us and the systems we live in that keep us stuck in our loops. Be it challenges related to your health, relationship, career, money - all can be looked at from a completely new perspective that brings clarity and resolution.

The work will take place in a circle and there will be space to bring your personal topics that you wish to see into. Even if you serve as a representative in someone else's Constellation, the role you are getting is often about you. Being in a representation allows us also to open to different perspectives and strengthen our empathy towards others. We will also have mini-constellations working in pairs and threes.

So what exactly will it  look like?

When you do personal work, Kasia (the facilitator) will open a Constellation on the particular topic for you. You would be invited to come and share what it is that you want to work with and then we would have a Constellation which normally takes anywhere between 20 min to an hour. 

The participants will be called to step into the circle to represent a person, emotion, significant object, and will start the movement. The client may also be involved in the Constellation or remain in the chair, observing the work. Through the representatives' actions and interactions, we will see the systemic movements at work, the unconscious beliefs that form patterns affecting our life, the entanglements with the stories of our ancestors, the love that is trying to find a way in all that. This radical insight will open a space for restoring the natural flow of love, allowing resolution.

On day 1, you will focus on opening up to the raw, intimate contact with the reality of you, and reality around you, leaving your judgements, expectations and ideas behind. This intention will guide our steps and interactions throughout the day. 

On day 2 we will continue to embrace all with accepting awareness while looking for a stable and safe ground within ourselves, where the integration of the experience can happen to ease the transition to the new.

The workshop will be world-view agnostic. I don't follow any systems, doctrines, philosophies or other stories. I do not take sides. We will keep an open space for them to come up, receive them, listen to them, but will not put them on pedestals. Instead, we will be focusing on what is alive in us and in that space, what refuses to be trapped in concepts. We will experience ourselves and the world around us as a phenomenon, a process, in a constant ecstatic exchange with everything that comes.


This treatment on its own offers tremendous physical and psychological benefits. Together with Constellation work, it deepens, extends and brings to your body what has been processed, aiding integration and grounding of the experience.

Deep tissue massage is a treatment that involves applying deep pressure to the specific points and parts of your body, working on deep levels of muscles and surrounding tissue. It targets directly the problematic areas - tensions, knots and strains, and brings immediate relief. The massage treatment would last at least 1,5 hrs and would be tailored to your needs. At the end of the session or after, you will also get educated on how to keep and deepen the effects of the session through home care, exercises and posture.


- reduces stress-related muscle tension;

- relieves the muscles from accumulated trauma, which enables to process the emotions and integrate them with your 


- addresses blockages of the nerves, trigger points and energy channels and returns them to their natural flow

- decreases anxiety, worry, depression, and physical pain;

- increases the range of motion of joints and tissue

- improves posture, often with an immediate effect.


Option 1

(6 seats only)

- Constellation workshop (incl. personal work and private consultation, Sat + Sun, 10:00-16:00)

- Deep tissue massage (Sat or Sun after 16:00, up to 2hrs)

- Evening sitting

- Sleepover (optional donation)


EARLY BIRD (until 29 Oct): 55 000 ISK


Option 2

Same as above WITHOUT deep tissue massage.


EARLY BIRD (until 29 Oct): 35 000 ISK


Option 3

Only Constellation workshop (incl. personal work and private consultation, Sat + Sun, 10:00-16:00)


EARLY BIRD (until 29 Oct): 30 000 ISK



We highly recommend that you take advantage of the full weekend experience, as we designed in a way to make it a complete process. If this is not possible for you, you can also participate in a limited way, as below:

- one day Constellations with personal work - subject to availability (30 000 ISK)

- representative for Constellations - one or two days (20 000 ISK)

- only massage - subject to availability (20 000 ISK)

If this feels like a financial strain in your current situation, but you want to attend the Workshop, please get in touch and talk to us. I wish this event to be available to everyone who feels called.

In order to secure your space in the workshop, please fill in this form:


Please, arrive 15 minutes before we start.

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow full expression.

If you are staying over, please bring your nightwear and toiletries. Towels and bedding will be provided.

Remaining details will be explained closer to the date.



Constellation facilitator: Kasia Kasprzak

Kasia has been working with Constellations for 8 years, spent thousands of hours in Constellation work - as a representative, for personal work, as a facilitator, and recently as a supervisor. She has completed a Constellation school with Damian Janus and is currently in the Constellation school with Gerhard Walper. Cultural expert and politologist by education, she is currently studying towards a Master’s degree in psychology.

The principle of her work is to meet everyone and everything with unconditional, all-embracing awareness. With a natural inclination to see and embrace that which has been rejected, disowned, lost, hidden from view - she catalyzes the process of recovering these parts from darkness.

Massage therapist: Bartłomiej Płócienniak

Bartek has been practicing massage and acupressure for 25 years. He has been focusing the last few years on deep tissue and clavitherapy, helping many clients to find relief from stress and pain.

Deeply passionate about his work, he welcomes clients from all walks of life, and has experience treating a wide variety of conditions. Bartek views the human condition holistically and promotes taking care of the body-mind as a whole - thus enthusiastically cooperating with other therapists for the best results for his clients.


  • Deposit to secure your place

    By purchasing this ticket you secure your place at the event. Thereafter please fill in the form (link in the description) with your choice of program OPTION and other details.

    ISK 12,000
    +ISK 300 service fee
    Sale ended



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